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AQHA Educational Initiative

AQHA's Commitment to Children and Their FamiliesAQHA ED Init

Thank you for supporting AQHA’s efforts to build new horse-based programs that enhance the lives of children and families. Our mission is to impact the lives of young horse-interested people through engaging and relevant family experiences, with engaging, educational classroom activities and through healthy competition and quality leadership opportunities that ultimately foster a positive, lifelong relationship with horses.

Your tax deductible gift to the American Quarter Horse Foundation will help us provide families, caregivers and educators with healthy living, educational and positive youth development resources. These hands-on, on-site, at-home and digital experiences will use the horse and horse artifacts to teach language arts, math, science, social studies, health, life skills and visual arts to children around the world. Together we can build a healthy, lifelong relationship horseback.

Learn more about AQHA’s commitment to children and their families.


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  AQHA Educational Initiative
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